Cow comfort - The key to your success!

 Advantages through cow comfort on KRAIBURG rubber floorings


If flooring in cattle houses was as soft as in nature, conditions for cows would be more comfortable and healthier. After all, the cows use the floor in the cattle house 24 hours a day for lying, standing and walking.

The cow needs animal-friendly lying and walking areas:

  • permanently soft
  • hygienic
  • slip-resistant

= prerequisite for high productivity and longevity

Our solution:

We offer comfort rubber mats for every application in the cow house, especially developed for and optimally adapted to the particular demands of dairy cows respectively young cattle.

Soft but robust lying area covers:
    • easy to maintain 
    • encourage cows/heifers to lie down willingly and frequently
    • eudermic 
    • improve joint health
Soft and slip-resistant alley mats and floorings for the milking parlour:
    • drastically improve claw health
    • cows walk free of pain and fear
    • measurably higher activity
    • more frequent feed intake, which contributes to a significant yield increase

Our dairy cow rubber floorings are more than recommendable, not only for animal health reasons, but meet the economic requirements of a farm as well.

Our rubber mats are highly suitable for both new construction and renovation (have a look at some examples »).


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