rubber walking area floorings for dairy cow cubicle houses
rubber walking area floorings for dairy cow cubicle houses

Rubber coverings for walking & milking areas

Walking comfort on KRAIBURG rubber floorings - just like on pasture

On soft walking areas the claws become healthier, because the stress is physiologically correct, and blood circulation is optimal – just like in nature.

What are the effects of the elastic KRAIBURG walkway floorings?

Improved claw-health and higher walking comfort 
  • KRAIBURG walking area mats are claw-friendly and enhance slip-resistance.
  • Their effect is curative (healing) to the claws, because the claw sinks into the mat.
  • Elastic floors enable cow claws to regenerate. Claw diseases decline drastically.
Higher activity and increased milk yield
  • On soft rubber floorings the cows walk free of pain and anxiety, and as much as needed to cover their demands, like in the pasture.
  • This expresses itself in measurably higher activity and natural behaviour.
  • When cows walk up to 1000 meters more daily and eat more often, then higher performance / productivity is inevitable.
Better fertility and longevity
  • KRAIBURG walking area floorings increase reproduction rate as they improve fertility and the cows show their oestrus more openly.
  • Stock replacement costs decrease and the cows live longer.

(You can find more detailed information in the scientific research results in
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Walking area coverings with abrasive surface: foot care for the cow Naturboden ist weich, ausreichend rutschsicher und „pflegt“ die Klauen

Walking area coverings made of rubber can do more: namely optimized claw abrasion, very similar to conditions in nature, where sandy constituents in the elastic soil ensure the balance between horn formation and abrasion.

With pediKURA® and profiKURA the abrasive agent corundum integrated into the surface and the special profiling provide for even, gentle claw abrasion, which contributes to maintaining natural claw form, even under intensive housing conditions.

The pediKURA® system and profiKURA combine the three most important requirements for an animal-friendly walking alley in a dairy cow house: claw-friendly soft, slip-resistant and abrasive.

Product overview:
All in one product: softness, improved grip and optimized claw abrasion
profiKURA P » paved/concrete floor with scraper
profiKURA Flex/Form » paved/concrete floor without scraper
profiKURA S » slatted floor
The proven "all-round solution": softness and certified grip
KURA P » paved/concrete floor with scraper
KURA Options » paved/concrete floor without scraper

KURA S » slatted floor
pediKURA®  system 
Addition to KURA (as modular system): softness and selective claw abrasion
pediKURA® P » paved/concrete floor with scraper
pediKURA® Form » paved/concrete floor without scraper

pediKURA® S » slatted floor
Basic product: simple and solid mat
KARERA P » paved/concrete floor