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KRAIBURG maxiBOX - the Comfort Deep Litter Cubicle

NEW SYSTEM: the comfortable deep litter cubicle for safe lying comfort

maxiBOX deep litter cubicle

The comfortable deep litter cubicle

Consistent high comfort in the deep litter cubicle is not always easy to attain and is especially hard to maintain. The classic deep litter cubicle has to contend with problems which have negative effects on cow comfort.
Therefore, we focused our efforts on this subject and have developed a new system: the comfort deep litter cubicle KRAIBURG maxiBOX ».

The KRAIBURG maxiBOX solves the problems of the classic deep litter cubicle and offers more comfort:

  • elastic edges in the front and in the back
  • maximum lying quality
  • year-round functional safety
  • easier cubicle management possible
  • recommended littering depth: 3-5 cm
Typical problems of the classic deep litter cubicle

deep litter cubicle - negativ example

painful contact with the rear curb, when lying down, as well as during lying, caused by insufficient filling level/mattress formation in the deep litter cubicle

  • moist, very dirty cubicles
    Possible effects:
    • lying times reduced by around 5 hours
    • hygienic problems (udder health, flies, ...)
  • hard lying surface, because the litter can slide out of place
  • swollen, hairless joint because of hard brisket boundary and hard/moist litter

→ The solution: maxiBOX

maxiBOX comfort deep litter cubicle schematic illustration

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