rubber mats for deep litter cubicles
rubber mats for deep litter cubicles

KRAIBURG rubber floorings for deep litter cubicles


maxiBOX rubber comfort deep litter cubicle for dairy cows

For elevated deep litter cubicles

  • 4-component system consisting of rubber cover (roll) + rubber profile at rear curb + brisket board + profile at side
  • ensures a year-round functional safety and consistent comfort
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maxiBOX Komfort-Tiefbox aus Gummi-Komponenten für die Milchkuh

NEW: the deep litter cubicle cushion

  • 10 cm thick "cushion" made of 2 functional layers
  • replaces the thick lower layer of litter in the head space of the deep litter cubicle
  • offers easy management and saves litter
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